Tuesday, July 1, 2014

a place for reflection

I have been absent from this space for a while.  Not purposefully, but busyness started to creep in through holidays, extra work hours and a new summer schedule...

I sat down this past Saturday morning and was determined to journal all that the Lord had accomplished in just a few short days but I found myself distracted.  I ended up spending this past weekend doing tasks around the house that had been neglected for too long.  I am happy about the accomplishment of those tasks and do not regret the decision but I realized that I have missed this place as well.  This place for reflection.

Something I have learned about myself over the years is that things do not really seep in unless I write them down.  I am a very visual learner and part of it is the act of putting moments into words, seeing those words.

I had a friend in high school who used to write down everything from class and even copy down information from the textbook.  I thought she was crazy and that it was a major waste of time.  Looking back I probably would've made better grades if I had followed suit.

I have no problem reflecting on things.  My introvert tendencies lend to enjoying lots of time in thought.  Growing up my desk was right underneath a window in the house with the best view.  I'm pretty sure that I spent more time just staring out the window thinking than getting any school work done.

I love to analyze situations and people but I am realizing that there is so much I am missing because I do not devote the time needed to fully reflect.  It takes discipline to sit yourself down and write.  It can be exhausting.  But it is necessary for me.

Everyone is different.  We all have different ways to reflect, to learn from situations.

I am finally paying attention to what actions I need to take in order to fully receive the benefits of learning.

In Bible Study last week we were studying Esther.  During the evening this question was asked, "If God calls you to write even if no one reads it, will you?"

I think we are trained early on in English class to think about who will be reading our writing.  Focus can often be given to the audience...or to the teacher grading it.  And of course we crave being liked by others so naturally we want to write or do something they like.  Cue the ever increasing desire to people-please...

It can be easy to convince yourself that there are enough books and enough authors out there.  More words exist than we could ever hope to read, but should that stop you?  I don't think so.

If you enjoy writing, then write.

The reasoning should not be guided by who will read it but rather what you will gain through the process of writing.

Just because it might have already been said doesn't mean it shouldn't be said again.  Oftentimes God will harp on a particular subject he wants my dense brain to receive by showing it to me repeatedly through blogs, books and friends.  Just because they are all saying the same thing doesn't mean they should stop saying it.

If you are a writer (you qualify for this statement if you like to write) then you should write.  Sometimes you will be led to write with direction and purpose for others.  Sometimes you will write for your own benefit (in that moment).  In those moments when I write for myself I have a tendency to be the most raw.  I know there is no reason to be polite or hold back.  Honesty with myself is the better choice.

The more I reflect the more I want to share it with others.  I want people to see God moving.  The reflection is no longer self-focused but God focused.

Doing and being are equally important, but in our go-go-go culture it can be easy to overcompensate on the doing.  I am in the guilty party.

Embrace moments alone where you separate yourself from the busyness of the world to re-access your purpose and align yourself with the one who has seen, done and knows all things.

Find your place for reflection.