Wednesday, August 20, 2014

a dose of humility needed here

I am reading Humility by Andrew Murray (a small book that packs a punch).  I started it a couple of weeks ago without a pen nearby so I thought I would start over this past Monday.

The first time I read the first chapter I remember being so in awe of him, that my Savior would care so much for me and desire to share himself with me, that I was speechless.

This time around, sitting in a bustling Starbucks, I couldn't even get through the first three sentences before I was thinking cynically, “God wished to reveal himself to me”, “we can only be partakers and not possessors of the power he displays?”

Whoa! I knew as soon as those thoughts started flowing I was in spiritual warfare.  Satan did not want me to be in awe like I had previously been.  So what better way to prevent awe than to insert pride.  Oy vey…

At first I shut up my pride but then I thought, “Well that doesn't really help, a stuffing away does not resolve the questioning.”

Why should we submit all power to the Creator? Why should he be the end all be all?  Why can’t I?

(Be honest with me and tell me you've had those thoughts.)

Who really likes the idea of owing everything to God? To anyone?

“As truly as God by his power once created so truly by that same power must God every moment maintain.”  -Andrew Murray, Humility

Picture this with me, envision God in a garden.  Think about all of the work it takes. 

Planning the layout
Knowing what needs sun and what needs shade
Tilling and fertilizing the soil

So. Much. Upkeep.

The creator must maintain the creation.  Could I maintain billions upon billions of people’s lives with all their stuff not to mention keep the Earth spinning and growing providing a place to live?

As I can’t even maintain my own life I’m gonna go with a no.

But isn't that just the root of it, control.  It’s what we all desire.  We feel like God is holding out power from us.  But let us remember why we were created.  To be partakers.  He wants a relationship with us. 

Out of all the things he created he chose you to really share life.

He didn’t need to create you and me but he chose us.  He does not need us.  He simply wants to enjoy us.

We need to go back to our origin before we believed the lie that he is holding out on us.  Our creation is built on a relationship.  Adam and Eve once walked with God in the garden enjoying life and creation with God.  Enjoying him.

So often I go through my day taking it all in without giving attention to the fact that God brought everything together and maintains it.

I want to see him in everything.

I think of how a very close friend or family member who has been a part of your daily life for so long either moves or passes away and you are reminded of memories with them when you eat at a certain restaurant or hear a phrase you both used to say.  This is because you experienced a relationship with that person.

Should it not be the same with God?  We are relational beings because he created us to be such.  Why would we expect a relationship with him to be any different than those we experience on a daily basis?

I am finding that as I explore this further I realize that I don’t recall much importance being given to a relationship with God but primarily on the action of believing he is your Savior.  It reminds me of how, culturally, so much importance can be placed on a wedding but not the marriage.

Perhaps my ears were closed when a relationship with God was being taught.  But I want more to be said about enjoying him in the mundane daily tasks.  I am grateful for Ann Voskamp doing this in her book 1000 Gifts.  She shows us the joy that can come in being thankful for the simplest of things.

In the midst of our ever changing social world we have lost our grasp on how to have relationships.  This statement is nothing new under the sun.  I think we are becoming more and more aware of this fact but do we realize that Biblical discipleship has been lost as well?

It is time to reclaim real relationships again.  Slow down the busyness.

I am learning that right now if I want to enjoy a relationship with God I need to recognize my need for him – humility.  So it is time to step back from the distractions and rest with him.  

Exhibit humility. It is a simple act that brings about invaluable results in your life and the lives of others.

The Lord takes pleasure in his people; he adorns the humble with salvation.  -Psalms 149:4