Monday, November 24, 2014

a soft landing when the letdown of the world comes

Track with me for a moment, imagine your boss giving credit to your co-worker about a project but not recognizing your contribution.  Or that girlfriend of yours who forgot that today was really important for you.  Or a friend who makes an off the cuff remark that cut you deeply.  And on and on the list of being let down continues.

When we are hurt, it usually stems from the actions of another.

Relationships all have a common denominator, they all include fallen people.  Each of us is fighting our own battle, working to survive.  We are all dealing with our own struggles with sin. 

Just recently the Lord gave me words to share with a friend, “We, as humans, will always let each other down.  It is unavoidable.  God is the only one who cannot fail us.”  I should have known then that the Lord would make sure those words sank in deep.  Since those words came out God has been driving them home in just about every part of my life. 

I wasn’t actively putting anyone on a pedestal for them to fall from but he has continued to show it in little actions.  He puts the same tagline at the end of each let down, “I have yet to fail you and never will.”  I haven’t had a terrible life filled with unfortunate events; a classification in which God tends to get the shaft for not preventing what we perceive as bad things from happening.  I also wouldn’t say I’ve had an easy life, I don’t believe anyone does. 

No matter what sort of life you have and continue to have God is the only constant that will never, ever fail.  His devotion to us is unwavering.

Each time that I have experienced the let down since saying those words the moment I turn to God he has brought peace over me just in the fact that he always hears me. 

When no one else is available, he is. 
When you have no one to talk to, he listens.  
When no one else understands, he does. 

He is present with you at all times.  He delights in you reaching out to him.  He does not desire to simply be there for you in the pain but also in the good. 

Being constant means he is already there, it is your choice to partake in his presence.

Note I did not say he took the pain away.  God’s constant love can come and the struggle still remain.  His comfort does not remove the work that needs to be done in relationships.

Perhaps you are like me and begin to panic about all of the people you might have hurt.  Be careful not to jump on that train.  Our sin can have a tendency to blind us from seeing how we hurt others be it intentional or not.

By remaining in his presence we can better avoid letting others down and even make the pain of receiving letdown a little softer.

Maybe you need to lean in to his steadfastness to survive the letdown, or maybe you need to lean in to his steadfastness to avoid letting others down.

Read that again.  Do you realize that remaining in his presence kills two birds with one stone?  We have a complex God but it seems like his way of multi-tasking makes our task simple.

Reap his promises for you by leaning into his presence.  Enjoy him.  He enjoys you.