Thursday, September 10, 2015

fashion cycles, a new season and the lion king

Well a new season is coming.  Your thinking back to your walk into work this morning and recalling the heat and humidity that will maintain itself for the next couple of months and thinking, "she must be crazy." Not that season, I'm talking fashion (stay with me). Its that time of year where the new fashion trends are coming out as people prepare for the Fall (obviously only those who can expect to experience a full Fall season).

My mom told me in high school that styles always come back around. Like most teenagers in high school I didn't really believe her or give it much thought.

Then I started receiving email updates from my favorite stores with pictures of these:

You see, I remember these about ten years ago...and I am just not quite ready to jump back into them for multiple reasons.

1) I am ummm...what some might  You will note that those lovely ladies above are rather long and lean.  Not my reality, which I'm quite content with until unflattering styles become the majority.  In fact I commented to a friend of mine, who looks like she could be one of those models, that the styles are totally changing in her favor. High fives for her! 

2) Flare jeans require that heels be worn. As much as I love heels for work, church, special occasions etc. I no longer associate them with jeans.  This starts to make jeans feel like a burden which should NEVER be the case.

3) Skinny jeans have become a beloved friend in my wardrobe and you can bet your sweet Bippy I will be stocking up before they suddenly disappear.

(side note: I don't doubt they will become a part of my wardrobe but I'm still gonna ride out the skinny's as long as I can.)

Seeing those flare jeans I couldn't help but think about how life has its own seasons.  I hear you, " Yes, thank you Captain Obvious." I know, this is nothing new...but man this year has carried a long period of dryness so I'm pretty happy to see signs of change in my life.

The first thing that came to my mind was the scene at the end of Lion King. You know when Simba returns back to Pride Rock to fight Scar and the land is cracked and dry? While he's fighting Scar a fire starts burning the land. Then as he walks up Pride Rock to take his place rain is gushing down and you see the land change from dry, unable to sustain life to luscious and full of growth.

Before you try to connect the dots of symbolism with Simba my focus is on the land.  

I feel exhausted of resources, dried out.  And you know what?  It's OK. Its fine to admit that I am transitioning from one season to another.  This is OK for you too.

The most difficult part of this transition for me has been stepping back from things, much of it being good. 

I do not doubt what the Lord can do and that he can use anyone no matter where they are but, I am learning to observe when the seasons change in my soul. 

We often encourage one another to rest and take a step back but rarely allow ourselves to do so.  

I have noticed that I am quickly depleted on a regular basis. This has led me to take a step back.  

I love something Gary Morland said on this Hope*ologie podcast.

"No matter what season you’re in the seeds of the next season are already there and are already going on, and the change that is gonna come has already started. Ya just can't see it yet."

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that new things are coming.  Growth can be happening even though you can't see it.

May we not diminish the value of growth under the surface that's not all showy to the world. Hope is in the seeds that have already been planted. We will see them soon.

Aaaaaand, if you would like to relive a moment of your childhood this is just for you. Gotta love the musical build up.

Now don't mind me as search for the fastest way to get me hands on a Lion King DVD since I no longer own a VCR.