Saturday, April 30, 2016

what I learned in April '16

I'm joining up with Emily P. Freeman for her monthly reflection of what we've learned.  Since I love to reflect but tend to forget random goodness that happens all the time this seemed like a great way to remember the little things that are important too.

Here are five things I learned in April:

1) Vacuuming my car is an automatic trigger to clean the rest of my car.  If its not vacuumed I have no motivation to wipe it down or get it washed.  In my mind its like, "what's the point, the carpets dirty."  Something about the carpet being free of all the things makes it feel special. The carpet can't be special alone.  Cue the windex and lysol wipes.

2) I love making homemade pizzas.  I saw a this recipe on a blog I follow and just went for it one night.  A few days later I couldn't resist this recipe.  So light and fresh. (If the smoked salmon weird's you out, I saved some pennies and made it with prosciutto too.)

Y'all, it is sooooo easy. (And just to uncomplicate things more, can I get an amen for the just-add-water-dough-mix?) I always thought it was so difficult but its easy peasy.  Even if neither of these recipes look even remotely desirable to you, look around for one that does. Just go for it!

3) I write things I have already done on my to do list just so I can check 'em off.  For real, everyday at work, even if its a seemingly minor task that took up significant time it gets written.  I had been feeling discouraged about not feeling like I was getting anything done at work lately and seeing a long list of completion has helped reassure me that is not the case.  The minor things matter.

4) The Summer Olympics are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

big crowd huge crowd rave crowd woahdude

Y'all, this has reignited my love for sports, specifically artistic gymnastics, in a whole. new. way.  I am constantly watching gymnastic competitions online. My roommates are tagging me in videos. It's a beautiful obsession.

Does anyone else glue to the TV and ignore anything happening around them during the Olympics or is it just me?  Check out who the hopefuls are.  If Simone Biles isn't on the team...nah that's impossible.  I mean check her out.  She hasn't even made it to the Olympics and already has a pass named after her.  #powerhouse

5) My roommate could easily be a weather reporter.
I leave you with this.  Tell me if you don't agree. :)


  1. That pizza looks amaaazing! And I totally write things that I've already done on my to-do lists too. :0

  2. Yeah...that roommate...I'm not quite sure about her.
    Although, who am I kidding? She seems pretty AWESOME! Is she a ginger? I heard they actually have 2 souls. How lucky are you?? ;)